This Food Scale on Amazon Doesn’t Beat Around the Bush About the Real Intended Use

This Food Scale on Amazon Doesn’t Beat Around the Bush About the Real Intended Use
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This food scale wants to help get you high…

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When I was growing up there was a sentiment shared by many that we should not shop at Walmart because it’s a massive, greed-driven corporate entity that pays its workers low wages without benefits and kills small businesses. For some reason, Amazon gets a pass, and I have no idea why. It’s a topic we’re definitely going to possibly soon explore in another article. For now, though, we just want to talk weed.

The feature picture for this article is of a food scale sold on Amazon that I first saw when it was shared by someone in a shenanigans group chat that I’m in. I couldn’t help but find the image funny, and kinda stunning. If this were some years ago this definitely would’ve been flagged by Amazon, but nowadays people aren’t as collectively uptight about marijuana as they used to be so I guess this flies.

Ozeri, the company that makes the scale did call the model the ZK420 Garden and Kitchen Scale, so even if there weren’t marijuana in the photo, they wouldn’t really be hiding much. We do all know by now that 420 code for smoking weed, right?

Perusing Ozeri’s website I learned that they are more than just kitchen gadgets. Their “About Us” says they are a “…manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home.”

Ozeri doesn’t sell items retail themselves, so if you’d like a scale you’ll have to find a retailer. Here is link to the scale on Walmart’s website because here at Unruly Stowaway we want to help out the little guy, rather than a corporate behemoth like Amazon.

Here is a screenshot of the item sold through Walmart.

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Notice the use of broccoli instead of actual weed like in the Amazon photo? Stephen A Smith would be proud…

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