Seven Of The Creepiest Clown Related Photos On Flickr

Seven Of The Creepiest Clown Related Photos On Flickr
Image Credit: david take photos - Flickr
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Afraid of clowns? This article might not be for you…

Clowns seem to be one of those things that people are universally scared of. Even when a clown is trying to be friendly and non-threatening it’s still kinda creepy.

Two supposedly friendly clowns that still seem creepy
Image Credit: Wilhelmus (Bill) Neggers – Flickr


The two above are supposed to be friendly clowns, yet we still suspect one of them might secretly be a serial killer?

But, that image is just a warmup. Here they are the really creepy ones, in no particular order.

1.)  happyjoy corn teeth: Jim Sheely

A painting of a creepy clown.
Image Credit: Jim Sheely, Flickr


Why, just why? The note along with the image reads, “image from old hard drive.” I hope you took that hard drive and burned it.

Is this a clown, or is it a skull? Is this Ronald McDonald after a horrible fire? Was it Jim who drew this? Is Jim okay? There are so many questions.

If you would like to see more of Jim Sheely’s photos you can find them here. Fair warning though, a lot of Jim’s other photos are just as, if not more twisted. (Hint. Many of Mr. Sheely’s latest photos are of dead animals…)

2.) Clown Motel: Peter Kelly

A motel sign that reads, "Clown Motel"
Image Credit: Peter Kelly, Flickr


Would you stay here? Clown Motel is located in Tonopah, Nevada, just about halfway between Carson City and Vegas.

As the story goes the Clown Motel owners originally went with the clown motif because they thought clowns were cute, and choose the location across from a cemetery because one of their fathers is buried there. I don’t think they initially fully thought all this through — or did they…

Now, Clown Motel seems to actually play up the fact that it is creepy as fuck. At this point it’s probably a better draw than not being creepy as fuck.

If you want to find out more about Clown Motel’s creep factor you can track down the Travel Channel Ghost Adventures episode on the place, or check out this video by YouTube Channel Justin Scared.

And if you would like to see more of Peter Kelly’s photos you can find them here. Peter’s photo library is definitely nothing like Jim’s.

3.) Creepy Circus: Adam Cohn

A photo of a creepy looking circus tent.
Image Credit: Adam Cohn


The comment accompanying this photo says, “Nicaragua.” Judging by the rest of Adam’s well-traveled library, I’m going to take the location suggestion at face value.

And similar to the Clown Motel, here I ask, would you go in there? A commenter on this particular photo’s page wrote:

Believe it or not this circus are the funnies I’ve been, they improve a lot and sometimes the get you in the show to make fun of you, they are hilarious…..

So it’s a comedy show? Probably a very dark kind of comedy…

If you would like to see more of Adam Cohn’s photos you can find them here. This is a man who has seen the world.

4.) Scary day care: Andrew Iverson

A photo of a closed daycare using a clown on its sign.
Image Credit: Andrew Iverson


This one took me a minute to figure out. My eyes first shot to the clown, then to the “For Rent” text, and then to the words above. It was not until I read the photo title that I realized this sign was for a daycare. No wonder it closed…

If you would like to see more of Andrew Iverson’s photos you can find them here. Andrew’s library is truly a mixed bag, but definitely a professional photographer.

5.) Come Here My Pretty. Want To Be Part Of My Christmas Stew?: Jackie

Image Credit: Jackie, Flickr


What is this clown doing? Why is it dressed as Santa? What’s in the damn pot!?

If we had to guess the answers to those questions would be: cooking children, secretly being a serial killing clown who things dressing up as Santa will fool people, and cut up body parts.

If you would like to see more of Jackie’s photos you can find them here. A strange variety of quality photos, mostly it seems from the New York and New Jersey area.

6.) Scary Clowns: Bruce Szalwinski

A Group of Scary Clowns
Image Credit: Bruce Szalwinski – Flickr


The photo says it was taken in 2011, but I have a feeling it is much older. Many of Bruce’s photos look like they are much older than the date listed, which in this case very much adds to the creep factor. If there is one rule with no exceptions, it is that a photo gets creepier with age.

So, what’s going on in this photograph? To me it looks like these are not only clowns, but also roaming zombies. Tough getting creepier than that!

In this case, instead of linking to Bruce’s general Flickr, here is the link for the particular album this photo is in because old photos are always more interesting.

7.) Insane Clown: Freaktography

Creepy clown painting on the wall of an abandoned psychiatric facility
Image Credit: Insane Clown – Flickr


The caption for this photo reads:

Deep in the basement level of an abandoned Psychiatric facility sits a long forgotten bowling alley with this painting of a clown. I’m sure this terrifying image made their conditions much much better!!

We have to agree with the sarcasm in the last statement. This is not an image that is going to comfort anyone or aid in their recovery. If anything, it’s a lasting image from the place that might still be making people insane to this day — like you looking at it in this article…

If you would like to see more of Freaktography’s photos you can find them here. If you love abandoned and spooky places, this is the photographer you’ve been searching for.

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