Is Former MLB player and Hall of Famer, Frank Thomas, ‘Mr. Steal Your Girl’?

Is Former MLB player and Hall of Famer, Frank Thomas, ‘Mr. Steal Your Girl’?
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Frank Thomas was a great Major League Baseball Player. Now he just seems to be hanging around gyms, hitting on housewives…

Okay, so let’s get this out of the way, we don’t know how Frank Thomas actually spends his time. He may or may not hang around gyms hitting on housewives. If that is truly his reality, we don’t know it. But the fictional Frank Thomas…!

Hall of Fame Player or Hall of Fame ‘Player’?

Frank Thomas is easily in the top 100 baseball players of all time, and arguably in the top fifty. Nowadays, though, he might be more known as ‘Frank Thomas, the guy from those Nugenix commercials.’ And even him, and Nugenix know that.

In a TV commercial titled, ‘Celebrity Spotting’, two starstruck women spot Frank Thomas in a coffee shop. One of them says to him, “I bet you get recognized a lot.”

Thomas proudly replies, “Yes, I am. I was a pretty good ballplayer.” The two women then look at each other confused and one of them shockingly exclaims, “You were?”

The other woman then apologizes and says smiling, “We recognize you from those Nugenix commercials!”

A screencap from one of the many Nugenix spots


Before we go any further let’s gloss over what Nugenix is. There is the company, and then there are the products by the same name. From the Nugenix website, about the company it says:

Get ready to maintain your edge with the help of Nugenix. Boston-based nutritional developers created Nugenix to help men maintain a youthful edge in the bedroom, in the workplace, and in the gym.

As far as the products go there are a number of them, such as: Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster, Nugenix Prostate Health, and Nugenix Estro-Regulator, to name a few. The one that Frank is pitching, is their primary product, the Free Testosterone Booster. Now, back to that commercial…

One of the women asks, “does Nugenix really work?” To which flirtatious Frank, says “Oh yeaaah”

After the ‘salesy’ portion of the ad is over the attention returns to Frank, which is when he suggestively says, “You’re gonna like the difference too.” The woman that we focus back onto gives an excited smile, knowing exactly what Thomas meant.

Other Endorsements

While doing our painstaking research, we found this.

Embed from Getty Images

We guess this guy will pitch anything to do with nuts…

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