Hear Me Out! IceJJFish’s Super Cringe Viral Hit “On The Floor” Might Actually Be a Good Song!

Hear Me Out! IceJJFish’s Super Cringe Viral Hit “On The Floor” Might Actually Be a Good Song!
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Some would argue that IceJJFish’s “On the Floor” is the worst song ever. But underneath that terrible screeching, there is actually a very good R&B song.

Have you heard of IceJJFish? He’s a musical artist (loose term) mostly on the internet. His singing is horrible, and he is kind of a meme — mostly because he is a horrible singer from the internet.

Are those fuzzy recollections getting clearer? His huge viral hit “On the Floor,” which has almost 75 million views as of writing this, is six years old. When it first came out it was very widely laughed at and/or laughed throughout all corners of the world wide web. He was on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 in 2014, and even now continues to make his cringe-inducing tunes.

Before we go any further, if you haven’t heard of IceJJFish, or listened to his most popular song “On the Floor” check out below. Just a warning though, your ears may not be ready.

Song Credit: IceJJFish on YouTube (Please report dead links to admin (at) unrulystowaway.com)

Oh, no! The dancing. I forgot to mention the dancing. And of course the singing! About once a year I revisit this video and am always thoroughly amused. It never fails to funnier than I remembered. The singing is always worse, and dancing stranger than I recall. But like many super-cringe things, it’s so bad that it’s good, although I recognize a lot of people don’t feel that way.

Many people I know say (general paraphrasing) “What the fuck is that shit I just heard. That is the worst shit I have ever heard.” Even though I disagree I understand where they are coming from. IceJJFish’s voice screeches so awkwardly in this song, that it is very difficult to see that underneath “On the Floor” is actually a good R&B song. The beat is nice — modern and smooth — and the production value is good.

If only someone with a halfway decent voice would cover the song………

Covers That Prove The Song Is Only Cringe Because JJ

Durand Bernarr

Our first cover is from singer Durand Bernarr. During the video, he just sits and awkwardly stares at the camera while the cover track plays, which doesn’t help his case for being more normal than JJ, but hey, he is a much better singer…

Video Credits: Song by IceJJFish, Cover by Durand Bernarr

Epiphany Braveheart

Epiphany has a beautiful voice. Perhaps her and IJJF can get together for a duet?

Ice JJ Fish has been consistently releasing music since on the floor, so if you’d like to hear some more, visit his YouTube page.

So there you have it. Are you convinced the song is halfway decent, or are you still in the it’s trash camp?
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