A Redditor Made A Correlation Between How Well James Harden Plays And A City’s Strip Club Ratings

A Redditor Made A Correlation Between How Well James Harden Plays And A City’s Strip Club Ratings
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It’s no secret that James Harden is a big fan of strip clubs. One Redditor proves with data that the better the strip clubs are in a given city, the worse he performs.

Before anything, lets give credit where credit is due. The info that I will cite here was put together by Reddit user u/AngryCentrist.

AngryCentrist lays out a hypothesis that Houston Rockets superstar basketball player “James Harden’s box score declines in cities with high quality strip clubs.”

Why ask this question you say? Well, that is because it is widely know that one of James Harden’s favorite things to do is frequent strip clubs — no matter what city he is in. He even spent so much money in a home city strip club that the place retired his number.

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The Data

Now Reddit user u/AngryCentrist is definitely a special kind of individual. This person went to Basketball Reference, took James Harden’s statistics from the last four seasons, placed those stats into a worksheet (guessing Excel), removed the home games, broke the remaining information down by city, and then figured if the performances were good, average, below average, or very below average, based on six basketball metrics.

With the basketball side of the equation done the Redditor took an average rating of the first 10 strip clubs that popped reviews for 28 NBA cities (all but Houston and L.A. only counted once) and placed those ratings on to the stat chart.

From there this maniac made several graphs, proving that there is a correlation between the quality of strip clubs in a city and Harden’s performances.

A graph showing James Harden's play vs. strip club quality
Image Credit u/AngryCentrist on Reddit

There are several more graphs but the one above I like the best. This data clearly shows a correlation between Harden’s performances and strip club quality in a given city.

If you’d like to dig deeper into this here is a link to the Original Reddit Post. And here is a link to some More Graphs and Data.

Bravo u/AngryCentrist! Awesome job! This info will definitely help me out with my Fanduel account…

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