We Revisit The Jim Rome / Jim “Don’t Call Me Chris” Everett ‘Incident’

We Revisit The Jim Rome / Jim “Don’t Call Me Chris” Everett ‘Incident’
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When Chris Evert showed up as “trending” one day on Yahoo it made me realize I’ll never ever think of Chris Evert without thinking of Jim Everett, and Jim Rome.

Chris Evert is a women’s tennis hall-of-famer from the 70’s and 80’s and current longtime ESPN analyst. Jim Everett is a former NFL quarterback who had a career that was pretty respectable. And Jim Rome is, as much as it pains me to say this, a sports radio legend.

In 1994 Everett was at the tail end of his career and Rome was a young hotshot gasbag sportscaster, whose shtick was more or less to be snarky. (That’s still the shtick, actually.) At some point that year Everett sat down for an interview on Rome’s ESPN2 show, Talk2.

For some time before the interview Jim Rome had been trolling Jim Everett by referring to him as “Chris”. As you may have figured out already, Jim Everett and Chris Evert’s last names, although spelled different, they sound the same.

Only seconds into the interview Jim starts with the “Chris” heckling, and Everett isn’t having it. He maintains a cheery demeanor, but threatens Rome if he’s called “Chris” “one more time.”

Rome figuratively pushes by calling him Chris again, and Everett literally pushes — the table that was between them up and over, on the way to ringing Rome’s neck. Classic ESPN television…

The Clip:

Video Credit: ESPN2 (Please report dead links to admin(at)unrulystowaway.com)

Spoofed By Southpark

The incident was a pretty big deal when it first happened, and has now thanks to the internet it will probably be one of those pop culture things that never dies.

Video Credit: South Park Studios (Please report dead links to admin(at)unrulystowaway.com)

Do you remember the Jim Rome / Jim “Don’t Call Me Chris” Everett ‘incident’ or is this new to you. Comment below.

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