Savages On Social Media Have Dubbed An NBA Stat Line A “LiAngelo” Because…

Savages On Social Media Have Dubbed An NBA Stat Line A “LiAngelo” Because…
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An NBA stat line with only one steal and nothing else in a road game, is now a “LiAngelo.”

Some Quick Background

The Ball family is a basketball family. Ridiculous asshat, LaVar Ball has three boys, Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LeMelo, and made it his mission in life to make those boys into NBA stars. We could take big a detour to explain the asshat thing, but that information would fill another entire article. In a nutshell, LaVar Ball for a few years or so was a loud cartoonish buffoon that ESPN loved to put on because he was a ratings magnet. That stopped when he sexually harassed one of their female hosts. In the link just before this is an article about the harassment, and the video below takes care of some of his buffoonery:

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In 2017 his oldest son, Lonzo, was drafted second overall by the Los Angeles Lakers. And his youngest son, LeMelo, who is playing in China right now, is projected to also go very close to the top of the draft.

Then There Is LiAngelo. LiAngelo is not as gifted on the court as his two brothers are, and that’s okay. Had the internet never been invented he likely would have faded into obscurity and became a Cooper Manning like footnote, but we all know that is not how this goes.

The Savagery

In a Reddit post that has since been deleted because of its savagery, Reddit user u/jamalev posted a thread titled “Last night in Atlanta, Jared Dudley recorded his first career “LiAngelo”.” The accompanying text for the post read something like:

Last night with a statline of 0 field goals, 0 3 point field goals, 0 rebounds, 0 assists, 0 blocks, and 1 steal in a road game, Jared Dudley became the third player this season to record a LiAngelo.

Naturally, many Reddit users, me included, were confused as to what this meant. When asked, what a LiAngelo is, jamalev explained:

When on a trip with UCLA to China for exhibition games, LiAngelo was caught shoplifting and sent back home before playing a single minute, resulting in a stat line of nothing but 1 steal on the road becoming the “LiAngelo.”

Brutal! It is no wonder the post was removed. No trolling is the second rule of this particular forum, right after “Be Civil.” Naming a stat line after an embarrassing moment for who hasn’t played a minute in the league is pretty much the definition of trolling.

I was able to find a post from two months prior which also references the term LiAngelo for the one steal stat line, proving that the removed post was not an isolated incident. Savages. Somehow I think we might be hearing this term for years to come.

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