Rejected And Abandoned Articles, Volume Two, 6 – 10

Rejected And Abandoned Articles, Volume Two, 6 – 10
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We often have ideas that initially sound great but end up in the trash bin for one reason or another. Here are some more of our rejected and abandoned articles.

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6.) Have You Ever Realized How Much the Beginning of Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy is Mine” Sounds Like the Zelda Fairy Fountain Theme?

Status: Rejected

Do you really care? Maybe you care. Zelda fan? Brandy fan? Do these songs really sound similar or is it just me? Either way, I don’t think there is enough substance here for a full article. Listen to the Brandy and Monica teamup “The Boy is Mine,” here. Listen to the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time “Great Fairy Fountain Theme,” here. Oh, and the link provided is a ten hour loop–if you’re into that sort of thing…

7.) NFL Coaches Should Pick the Team’s General Managers, Not the Other Way Around

Status: Rejected

I don’t necessarily think this is a poor topic. For another publication that is more sports-focused it would be great, but not for Unruly Stowaway. Don’t get me wrong, we have covered sports before. You can find those articles here, but more so on the fringe. This topic just isn’t ridiculous enough for us. Rejected.

8.) When I Am Dead, I Want My Family and Friends To Take My Body to a Waterpark.

Status: Rejected. Hard Rejection. Wtf.

What the hell is this? What was I thinking? I have a list in my phone where I write down topic ideas. Some of them I look back on and they are just more like zany thoughts. I mean, bringing my body to a waterpark when I’m dead could be fun in a very suspension-of-disbelief way, but really, wtf. This idea is stupid on so many levels.

First off, legally this would never fly. The handling of dead bodies tends to be a very strict and regulated process. Second, I’m not exactly the lightest person. Dragging my body up 12 flights of stairs to get me onto a water slide would be very difficult. Also, how much of a gross mess would my dead body be once it is waterlogged? Hard no on this moronic premise for an article. There is no article.

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9.) This Artist Combines Two Random Ideas To Create Strange, Grabbing, and Unforgettable Pop Art Paintings

Status: Abandoned

I saw the Facebook page of an artist that goes by the name of Two Thangs. Actually, I’m not sure of that. Perhaps the website is just called Two Thangs, but I prefer to believe this is the artist’s name also. Anywho… I messaged the person to set up and interview–and then I never followed through with actually doing the interview. Damn. This one could have been good–but I killed it.

Regardless, the art here is really cool. The person takes commissioned requests for paintings that combine two things. Lets say you love Payton Manning and board games: this artist would likely paint a picture of Payton Manning as a board game piece on a board, jumping to the next space. Hit up Two Thangs for that unique gift.

Two Thangs Website

Two Thangs on Facebook

A photo of Bob Ross painting the Golden Girls

10.) This Flash Game Parodies the Nintendo Game “Mike Tyson’s Punchout” With Breakfast Foods.

Status: Rejected/Abandoned

There are a few articles on Unruly Stowaway about simple flash games; I think I actually could have made this work with some effort but decided against it. As I see it, I ran into two problems in writing this article. The first, the game is at least eleven years old. This is the smaller problem. Generally, I don’t shy away from being dated and out of touch.

The second issue is that I could barely get past the first opponent and didn’t feel like griding through to get better at it. The game is more visually pleasing to me than it is fun. It parodies and combines two things (no pun intended) from my childhood: Food Fighters, and “Mike Tyson’s Punchout.”

In any case, here is a playable link to the game, and here is a link to a YouTube playthrough.

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