This Year Fox Skipped The Best Part Of The Super Bowl In Order To Start ‘The Masked Singer’ Sooner

This Year Fox Skipped The Best Part Of The Super Bowl In Order To Start ‘The Masked Singer’ Sooner
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There is one tradition from the Super Bowl which I look forward to every year, and this year those mongrels at Fox took that away.

Hey everybody! In this week’s article, we will engage in something I like to call reckless speculation. I don’t know if Fox rushed the end of Super Bowl coverage in order to get to their post-game programming quicker, but it’s a theory, and it’s the one we are going to go with. And also, about the mongrels’ thing, I guess I got carried away. I just get really upset (sniffle, sniffle) when…

Leave Britney along meme

Okay, maybe not that upset, but I did feel like we missed out

The New Superbowl Tradition

Some people like the pregame, some people tune in for the commercials, others watch for the halftime show, and I guess a few people like to see the game, but my favorite part of the Super Bowl is the presentation ceremony. More specifically, than just the presentation ceremony as a whole though, I look forward to the Lombardi Trophy walk-up.

Still not sure what I mean by “walk-up?” The trophy walk-up is at the very beginning of the trophy presentation. This is where an NFL executive or Hall of Famer holds the trophy up and parades it between two lines that the winning team’s players have formed. During this walk-up the players will grab for the trophy, just for a chance to touch for a second the object that symbolizes what they have all worked so hard for.

This isn’t something that has gone on since the first big game, but it has happened in every one since at least Super Bowl 37, with the exception of this most recent. Below are a few clips from years past. Take a look at the joy on these dudes faces while they touch the trophy.

(Watch the entire clips if you want, but the focus of what we are talking about here is generally in the first two minutes.)

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