Why This Super Campy Must See Super Bowl Halftime Show From 1991 Aired After The Game

Why This Super Campy Must See Super Bowl Halftime Show From 1991 Aired After The Game
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In this article, we discuss the Super Bowl Twenty-Five halftime show, and why it didn’t air during halftime.

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For a long time, Super Bowl halftime shows did not at all resemble what they are now. Most of the first twenty or so shows were performed by marching bands. Eventually, celebrities were added, to host or accompany the marching bands.

Super Bowl Twenty-One featured two 70-plus-year-old comedians in George Burns, Mickey Rooney–and a marching band. Super Bowl Twenty-Two featured singer Chubby Checker, the Rockettes, and two marching bands. Super Bowl Twenty-Three featured an Elvis impersonator–yes really–but no marching band! And Super Bowl Twenty-Four which was in New Orleans featured some jazz musicians, and, you guessed it, a marching band.

It wasn’t until Super Bowl Twenty-Five that something resembling a relevant pop act in boy band The New Kids On The Block performed, but they weren’t even really true headliners. Most of the Disney produced show featured an ensemble of 2000 singing kids.

SB Nation called this the worst halftime show ever. We disagree.

What others see as cringe, I see as awesome. Maybe I’ve seen the movie The Room too many times… The show features two-thousand kids singing, dancing, and running around like mad, costumed characters in further costume, a random cameo from Warren Moon, a kid with a haircut he still hates his parents for singing “Wind Beneath My Wings”, a cameo by President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush, the New Kids On The Block, and a glorious transition from “It’s A Small World After All” to the New Kids “Step by Step” — all of it draped in unabashed campy patriotism.

If you really don’t have the patients for fourteen minutes, skip to about four minutes in, either way, here’s the clip:

Why the show didn’t play at halftime

Leading up to the Super Bowl things in the Middle East had heated up significantly, and America had only recently then fully engaged in the Gulf War. Rather than showing the live halftime show, ABC opted for Peter Jenning, and reports on the latest from the Gulf War. At least we have YouTube…

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