Televangelist Peter Popoff Selling ‘Miracle Water’ Is Hilarious (And Super Sad)

Televangelist Peter Popoff Selling ‘Miracle Water’ Is Hilarious (And Super Sad)
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Do you know who televangelist Peter Popoff is and how he makes his money? If not, must see videos.

Maybe I’m not old enough, haven’t lived in the targeted regions, or don’t watch the channels which Peter Popoff’s advertisements frequented, but for the longest time this kooky scammer televangelist seemed to fly under my radar.

If like me, and Peter Popoff has flown under your radar, then this article is for you. Prepare to be entertained, and possibly saddened.

Mofuggin’ Grinder

Popoff has been grinding his schemes for a long time. In the eighties he sold him self as a ‘medium type’ but was eventually exposed in 1986 by James Randi, on the Johnny Carson Show. Randi ended up proving that Popoff was being fed personal information about those he was reading, through an earpiece. Shortly after Popoff filed for bankruptcy, but that was not the last the world would see of this shameless grinder.

In the late 90’s he began his resurgence, and only a few short years later was again collecting millions of dollars each year.

To this day, he is still at it, selling Holy Water to hapless suckers who believe the shit he’s slinging.

Here Are Some Videos – Hokey AF

One of the late-night infomercial videos like the ones below is how I got my introduction to Peter Popoff. At first I though it was a joke.

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Can’t or don’t wanna watch the video? Here’s a transcript of the first thirty seconds which are narrated by one of those pitchy-sounding infomercial voices.

Reverand Peter Popoff wants you to know that God can reverse every negative verdict in your life. You don’t have to live a life sentance of lack defeat. You can be free to enjoy all of God’s richest blessings. That’s why he wants to send you your free packet of miracle spring water. Your point of contact for the miracle you need! Now in a larger size!

After the first thirty there are then some testimonials followed by a personal pitch from Peter himself.

Then there are these clips of Peter Popoff doing the ‘faith healer’ thing…

How Does Popoff Make Money Shipping “Free Miracle Spring Water?”

Alright, so here’s the scam. An unsuspecting person enters their personal information onto this dudes website in order to receive the “Miracle Spring Water.” Then they are mailed junk-mail in perpetuity, as shown in the video below.

Sending so much mail does cost a decent amount, but this is a fishing scam, or phishing scam. Once a big fish that will mail check after check is found, then the scam pays off.

How do I know that? First hand, that’s how. My Grammy mailed away tens of thousands to scammers (I don’t think Popoff but others) that sent her very similar looking letters.

So Yeah, Funny, But Also Sad

It’s hard not to laugh after seeing Popoff place his hand on person in a wheelchairs face while shouting something about the expulsion of demons, and then see that person jumping up and down a few seconds later.

But his gimmick is also very sad. If his tactics didn’t work, then he would not continue them. People in good faith send in money based on promises which are never going to come true. It’s preying on hope and desperation.

And P.S.: This Jackhole’s Racket Is Tax Exempt…

That’s right. Here is an excerpt from a 2011 Business Insider article: “Scam Everlasting”

Some desperate people must have been conned into mailing Popoff hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as we can infer from his tax returns from 2005. (That’s the last year for which tax information is available because in 2006 Peter Popoff Ministries changed from a for-profit business into a religious organization, making it tax-exempt.) The company received $24.5 million in 2005, and it owned properties valued at $5.1 million. The tax forms don’t require Popoff to say where he received the money, other than describing the sources as “Contributions, gifts, grants.”

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