After Winning The Masters We Revisit the “Tiger Will Never Win Again” Compilation

After Winning The Masters We Revisit the “Tiger Will Never Win Again” Compilation
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In this clip, Tiger Woods reacts to a procession of talking heads proclaiming things to the effect of “Tiger will never win again.” The video is faked, but it’s still sooo good.

In late 2009 Tiger Woods’ world fell apart. The National Enquirer did a piece on Tiger’s infidelities, and two days later his (now ex) wife was chasing him out of the house while wielding a golf club. The public shame was as much as has ever been put upon someone, and maybe all that stress manifested itself physically. Shortly after Tiger’s multiple infidelities came to light, he began having serious back issues. Most people thought, career-ending back issues.

He has said on more than a few occasions that at times it was difficult for him to even walk, let alone swing a club. Over the last ten years, Tiger has had multiple failed comebacks, prompting countless talking heads to proclaim “Tiger will never win another tournament.” But in 2018 he did. He won The Tour Championship tournament.

Almost immediately afterward, the golf website Skratch released a doctored video of Tiger reacting to all those talking heads. At the end of the video, Tiger looks up and shows the most self-satisfactory smirk. Even though the video is faked, the reaction doesn’t at all seem like a stretch.

Here is the Skratch video:

After Tiger won that tournament the detractors then shifted to “Tiger will never win a major again.” But last weekend he did that too, which is why we are revisiting this great bit of web junk.

For reference, the original video is below:

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