This Urinal Etiquette Game Is Something Every Person Should Master

This Urinal Etiquette Game Is Something Every Person Should Master
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Correct public urinal etiquette can take minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. Comment and tell us your first go score!

This may seem like an article only for the men here, but we’ve all — men and women — been in situations where almost an entire place is unoccupied and someone decides the best thing to do is pull up right next to where you are. For me these situations are usually late-night or early-morning on a cardio machine at the gym, in a large parking lot when I’m trying to park away from other cars, and in public restrooms. I’m certain this is a concept we can all relate to.

The most basic urinal etiquette is to skip at least one spot.

Why is it such a big deal if someone is unnecessarily peeing next to us?Because it is. It’s etiquette. It’s urinal etiquette. And most men, no matter how big their dong is don’t want to have it gawked at by a potential creeper who doesn’t understand urinal etiquette.

So the one-spot rule is the most basic urinal etiquette rule but often the situation requires a bit more attention than just that consideration alone. Lets say there are five unused urinals and you take the one farthest to the left. Proper etiquette says the next person to arrive should stand in the third or fifth urinal.

Should the second person have mistakenly taken an even numbered pisser, the third person to arrive would then be forced to stand next to one of you.

Urinals next to each other

This is a tough one….

How about when we throw bathroom stalls, more people and different amounts of urinals into the mix? These are the hard hitting questions tackled by the flash game, Bathroom Simulator Online Game. It features twenty multiple choice scenarios, which will hopefully help you as well as the greater good

The Game

Originally there was an alternate game linked here, but with the demise of flash, so went the game. Here is an alt.

Link to the Game

What score did you get the first time? Comment to let us know!

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