I’ve Only Seen A Ghost Once In My Life. Here’s the Story

I’ve Only Seen A Ghost Once In My Life. Here’s the Story
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It was late, sometime around the year two thousand, and the ghost looked like that damn nun from that damn movie.

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As I begin to write this I am reminded of a few other spooky encounters that I’ve had over the years. One of those was expected, and the other one wasn’t, but neither featured visual haunts like the one referenced in the article title, only auditory.

The expected haunt was when a group of friends in my early twenties while we visited Dudleytown in Connecticut. That’s a story for another article, which will be coming soon.

The unexpected auditory haunt came when I was considerably younger, but I still remember it to this day. My moms brother was visiting, and the three of us were upstairs looking at some new furniture my parents had just purchased. Out of nowhere from the bottom of the stairs we all heard someone forcefully say, “Hey!”

The three of us immediately shot over to the top of the stairs to investigate — looking down nobody was there. We all clearly heard the word “hey,” and distinctly heard it coming from the bottom of the stairs inside the house. There were no windows open upstairs that might’ve tricked our ears and nobody visible outside.

My uncle went down alone first to check for an intruder, but found nothing. To this day I still am not sure what we heard, but maybe I’ve just watched too many episodes of Unsolved Mysteries….

Anywell, back to the ghost I think I saw.

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This was back around the summer of the year I graduated high school. A group of friends and I had hung out partying for most of the night, drinking beers and smoking weed a bit. At around midnight I arrived back home and went up to my room. Things seemed quiet that night, eerily still.

After putting on my pajamas and getting in bed, just before turning out the lights I felt a cold chill. It was then that I realized a thin cloud shape had formed on the far side of my room.

A few seconds after noticing it, the form began to become much more defined, still appearing as a cloudy vapor, but then featuring the visible outline of what looked like an old woman. The apparition seemed to have a long frumpy dress on, along with a bonnet. One way to describe the clothes would be closely resembling what someone might call religious looking colonial garb.

The thing slowly floated up off the ground and across the room towards the track lighting near the foot of my bed. As it crossed over the lighting the being seemed to compress, kind of concentrating itself near the light. As that was happening I pushed myself further and further back and upright against my headboard while thinking, “this shit isn’t supposed to happen with the lights on!”

Then, just as the ghost shrunken itself down to the size of the bulb behind it, a beam from the light shot towards and seemingly through me. I sat wide eyed, with every hair on my body standing on end, but the strange thing was it felt like the presence was gone.

The rest of the night I slept with all the lights on, not that I thought it would make a difference. The vision was truly creepy but I never saw again.

The next weekend I saw those friends I had been hanging out with and they told me they thought the weed from the week prior was laced with PCP.

So it turned out, the only time I ever saw a ghost was also the same night of the only time I (probably) smoked PCP.


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