House Of Two Thousand Doll Corpses…

House Of Two Thousand Doll Corpses…
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On the way to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut we took a wrong turn. It was on this road that we passed the Young At Heart Doll Shop.

Location: The Young At Heart Doll Shop in Preston, Connecticut

Dolls are creepy. Most all of us can agree on that, right? But there is also something magnetically fascinating about creepy stuff. After zipping past the Young At Heart Doll Shop, the two friends I was with and I all quickly agreed that we needed to turn around. In this article we take a look at the photos from our August 30, 2018, exterior visit.

Shots Of The Front

We get the feeling this shop owner does not know that most people consider dolls very creepy; especially thousands of dolls, as featured in the cover photo shot.

In the shot below you’ll notice the short shopping center extends. There was another shop but it was also closed at the time of our visit.

Young At Heart Doll Shop Connecticut

The Road Sign

The two store shopping center is called the Tally Ho Mall. Tally Ho seems to have seen some better days…

The road sign with an old truck in the background

A view of the front door featuring a creepy doll hanging on the wall outside. The hour’s chart lists limited hours, Friday and Saturday 10-3.

On their Facebook page we learned that the shop is closing in 2019 and everything is on sale right now at more than 50% off (except Shirly Temple dolls).

We reached out for further comment but have not heard anything back.

The Front Door And A Peek Through It

Straight on shot of the front door

I placed my phone right up to the glass to get the photo. Is it creepier closed up?

A shot thought the front door.

A closer view.

A more close up shot throught the front door.

The Windows And A Peek Through Them

A shot of the left-hand window. This doll might be my favorite. I’ll call her Gypsy Doll…

The lefthand window

An angled shot of the porch, featuring the right-hand window.

The front door porch and right window

A closer look at the right-hand window. That doll is taking care of that doll baby; can it even take care of itself?

A closer view of the right hand window

A shot just above the carriage and through the glass.

There they hide the bodies...

Is that where they hide the bodies???

A cool looking rusty old truck

This truck looks like one of those cartoon trucks that actually has eyes.

A closer view of the truck

Its been there so long, notice the plants growing in it.

If this article has sparked a fascination in you, you can find more information on the shop in this article from someone who was more local to the place and able to go inside.

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Steven Richard

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  1. Bill

    My grandmother owned this shop from the 80s – 2000s and it was a labor of love for her. I grew up in the white house behind the shop where my father still lives, and my handprints are in the cement outside the door. The shop has been occupied by a country crafts store for a few years and my grandmother maintains a small section of the shop for her remaining doll collection. By the way, that “creepy truck with the plants growing out of it” was my grandfathers truck which we dragged to the road as a sort of rustic looking planter box for flowers, you narrow-minded nit wit

    1. Steven Richard

      Hi Bill. I love old family businesses like this. They take one back to another time. It’s nice to hear some more information about the shop. Before publishing the article I tried reaching out for more information but never heard back. What has become of all the dolls now that the shop is closed? Are they still there? In storage? Were most of them sold? Thanks for commenting. Hope all is well. – NW

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